Web-Based Food Safety Training: the future in food safety training

Web-Based Food Safety Training is quickly becoming the go to way of providing food safety training to front line employees. The training is convenient and saves food manufacturers valuable dollars by eliminating the need to stop production or pay employees overtime for attending monthly training courses. That 30 minutes per month spent sitting in a training class by all employees can now be completed at the employee and company’s leisure.

Safe Food Resources has developed a web-based food safety learning system that helps food manufacturers meet their training requirements. This is what Brenda, Quality Manager at Jim’s Cheese, a division of Lipari Foods has to say:

“Safe Food Resources training system called Safe Food University has lifted a tremendous burden for me. I now have more free time to do other things as my job dictates rather than spending many hours of my time per month preparing for the current month’s employee training. It is convenient for the employees as well as the production supervisors to schedule the trainings and fit the courses in as time allows. Each class is only a few minutes, so they can choose to do only one at a time or do them all. We followed Safe Food Resources advice and set up a training center at our company with a couple of desk tops and employees log right on.

I love the access as the company administrator as well. I can track each employee individually and their progress on assigned courses to ensure the training topics for the month have been completed. I review test scores and determine if an employee needs more training in a particular area. This allows me to personalize training to benefit the company. I choose what courses employees have access to and can schedule them with the help of the Safe Food Resources customer service, which by the way, there is no charge for! The site is easy to navigate, all the tracking is done for you.

I also love the fact that when the training system was presented to our SQF Auditor, he loved the training program! Bonus!

I feel as a Quality Manager, this is really a no-brainer decision to utilize this Safe Food Resources training system. It is a cost effective, time saving and convenient way of training.”

At Safe Food Resources, we have one goal in mind, to be your source for web-based food safety training. We believe that front line employees have a great impact on producing a safe food product, that’s why:

We Create Food Safety Heroes!™