Making the Leap to On-Line Food Safety Training

You may be wondering if On-Line Food Safety Training is right for your organization. Here at Safe Food Resources, we think that it is. Not only does your company get the benefit of saving valuable dollars, the learners have an opportunity to learn at their own pace. We designed this food safety training system with the learner in mind and each course reflects that by including relevant content in a short amount of time. Your GMP training program has never been so easy!

Letterhead Press is a food contact packaging material producer who worked with Safe Food Resources in the beta testing phase. They have roughly 150 employees on the system and have created a learning center within their facility where learners can log on and complete their training topics for the month. It has turned out to be a winning GMP training formula! Here’s what Sheryl, Human Resources Manager, has to say about the learning portal:

“Starting in December 2017, the final touches were made to start the on-line food safety training portal called “Safe Food University,” to use as a tool for our GMP and SQF training program through Safe Food Resources!   Letterhead Press was fortunate enough to be part of the testing for this food safety learning platform to work out any format, design changes, etc. in an effort to have a seamless process in place for training.  I really appreciated the fact that any opportunities we found along the way were considered from an end user standpoint for our employees to help the process.  Safe Food Resources has always been open to feedback from their clients and I like to provide the reason why I’m asking for something to be edited so it hopefully prevents other clients from experiencing a similar opportunity.

Safe Food Resources has provided a step by step guide for using their on-line food safety training portal so for new hires or current staff members, it walks them right through the process.   Each course is very explanatory with the ability to go back to previous screens if you want to review something again.   On average, the courses take about 8 minutes followed by a 3-4 question quiz.   If you make a mistake the system will automatically tell you that along with what the correct answer is.   If you aren’t happy with your score, you can retake the quiz.

I’ve appreciated working with Kelly and Vicky at Safe Food Resources since they work very hard to be timely and thorough back to their clients!   I appreciate the fact that they have their number on the website as well so if employees are having an issue they can call Safe Food Resources directly as well.

I like the current live time training reports that I can access per GMP Training topic in an effort to keep in touch with our staff in assuring that these are being completed as needed.  I love the fact that the food safety training courses are provided in both English and Spanish! These reports are so important to have in an effort to get the information you need for your SQF Training Register as well!”

At Safe Food Resources, we are excited about helping our learners excel at their jobs, and most importantly protect the public! After all:

We Create Food Safety Heroes!™