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The Preventive Controls for Human Food RegulationSubpart G requires food manufacturers to be diligent in selecting and approving suppliers of food and food contact packaging materials. Understanding the potential hazards associated with the ingredients coming into your facility will help you understand if the supply chain controls you put in place are effective in controlling the hazard or if you need further programs to reduce the risk.

This course is an in depth look at the supply chain and incorporates FSPCA Supply Chain Preventive Controls requirements along with best practices in the industry to approve suppliers. It lays the foundation for a supply chain program and allows the learner to understand the expectations that should be placed on their suppliers.


Students who attend the Safe Food Resources Supply-Chain Preventive Controls course will:

  • Understand why a supply chain program is an integral part of your company’s food safety system
  • Define a Supplier, Receiving Facility and Customer through 21 CFR 117.3
  • Understand documentation that is typically requested from your supplier and how to verify their compliance to the Regulations
  • Understand when a supplier audit is required and when it is not required
  • Understand sample and test procedures of incoming ingredients and determining which tests to conduct
  • Understand how to monitor supplier performance and take action when non-compliances are found
  • Have an opportunity to have their Supply-Chain Preventive Controls program reviewed
  • Receive the SFR Supply-Chain Preventive Controls Work Book, FSPCA slides and SFR Certificate of Completion
  • Receive meals, snacks and beverages throughout the duration of the course
  • Become a Food Safety Hero!


Who Should Attend

  • QA Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Technicians
  • Purchasing, Procurement and Receiving Personnel
  • Individuals with responsibility for implementing a supply-chain program
  • PCQI Individuals


Course Agenda

Day 1

  1. Introduction to the Supply Chain Preventive Controls Course
  2. Defining the Supply Chain and Controlling Hazards
  3. Documents required from Suppliers
  4. When a Supplier Audit is required and how to conduct it
  5. Establishing Sample and Test Procedures
  6. Monitoring Supplier Performance
  7. Receiving Procedures
  8. Putting it all together


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