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Implementing a strong, effective Preventive Controls Sanitation Program can be a daunting task. You must ensure that the entire facility is included in the program, from food contact areas and employee rest areas to the parking lot of the facility. Additionally, when you consider Good Manufacturing Practices, Allergens and Environmental Controls, the program becomes that much more intricate.

This course lays the foundation for developing and implementing a regulatory compliant sanitation program. The course focuses on the Sanitation Preventive Controls Regulation and includes an overview of sanitation basics, hygienic zoning requirements and setting up an environmental monitoring program. Individuals who attend this course will leave with the tools necessary to develop a program that will help them identify and reduce food safety risks in your facility.


Students who attend the Safe Food Resources Sanitation Preventive Controls course will:

  • Understand sanitation basics and why it is important to have a strong program
  • Define wet cleaning versus dry cleaning as appropriate to the environment
  • Have the ability to develop a facility hygienic zoning map with primary pathogen areas identified
  • Understand the purpose of Environmental Monitoring and which microorganisms to target
  • Determine sampling zones
  • Establish baselines to monitor trends in your facility
  • Understand how to investigate and react to a positive finding
  • Understand how to track, trend and interpret results
  • Have an opportunity to have their Sanitation Preventive Controls Program reviewed
  • Receive the SFR Sanitation Preventive Controls Work Book, FSPCA slides and SFR Certificate of Completion
  • Receive meals, snacks and beverages throughout the duration of the course
  • Become a Food Safety Hero!


Who Should Attend

  • QA Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Technicians
  • Sanitation Leads, Supervisors and Managers
  • Individuals with responsibility for implementing a sanitation program
  • PCQI Individuals
  • Sanitation Technicians


Course Agenda

Day 1

  1. Introduction to the Sanitation Preventive Controls Course
  2. Sanitation Basics
  3. Wet Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning
  4. Hygienic Zoning and Primary Pathogen Areas
  5. Environmental Monitoring Programs
  6. Using the Zone Methodology
  7. Sampling Techniques and Target Organisms
  8. What to do when you receive a Positive Finding
  9. Tracking, Trending and Interpreting results
  10. Putting it all together


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