Safe Food Resources is a full-service food safety training and consulting firm. We work with individuals at all levels of your organization to ensure they have the training necessary to meet your company’s food safety objectives. Whether we are teaching in our training center or yours, we meet your employees at their current level of knowledge and work to increase that knowledge in an understandable fashion. We take a common-sense approach.

Our Vision:

We see a world where everyone, everywhere can eat without fear of food borne illness.

Our Mission:

We strive to be a force for good. We protect the food supply through education and empowerment of those who work in food manufacturing, whether that be on the farm, in the factory, at the restaurant or in your home. We create Food Safety Heroes!

Our Methods:

We are committed to our customers success. We provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise needed to promote food safety, quality and regulatory compliance. We focus on where you are right now, where you need to be and how we can work together to help you meet your goals. We want you and your employees to be a part of the process so that they may share in the success, so that they may be confident in their work, and so that they can feel like they have real purpose.

We have the industry experience and education to ensure we are familiar with your products and processes. We design maintainable policies and procedures to help you meet your chosen certification scheme, whether it be FSMA, GMP, GFSI, or any other audit scheme. We understand that continuous improvement is the goal of any certification and we approach each project with that mindset.

We train your employees – from bottom to top.

Our Team

We are a team of experts with years of diverse experience in safety and quality standards. We are brought together by strong values and a shared commitment to protect. We set out every day to protect companies, products, and most importantly, the general public.

Vicky Waskiewicz
Vicky WaskiewiczFounder and CEO
Kelly Oberst
Kelly OberstOffice Manager
Elizabeth Kern
Elizabeth KernConsultant
Duane Sanner
Duane SannerConsultant

Join our Team

Problem solving, teaching, leading teams, innovating. If that sounds exciting to you, than a career at Safe Food Resources could be right for you. We are constantly seeking industry leaders in food quality and safety to join our team.  Dynamic, seasoned professionals passionate about protecting the food industry and its consumers make up our team.