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Powering Growth

Knowledge is the most powerful tool to enrich lives, enhance safety, and fuel continuing success. What does a Safe Food Resources trained production employee know about food safety? More than most. Possibly more than you. When you build people’s knowledge, they return the favor by passing that knowledge on. Boosting morale. Increasing production. Adding to the Bottom Line.

What We
Stand For

We believe in purpose. We believe that each person, no matter the role in the food manufacturing environment, has an important role in food safety. We believe that by building a culture of safety excellence, the number of foodborne illness outbreaks can be greatly reduced. We guide, educate and train teams with innovative solutions to meet our collective purpose. That is, to protect the public.

How We
Do It

We start at the bottom. We focus on providing training solutions that have an immediate impact on your organization and those that work within it. We treat the janitor with the same amount of respect as the CEO. We educate, you empower, and employees to take action when food safety issues arise. We use honesty, integrity, faith and hard work as our foundation for success.

Expertise In Partnerships

Our team consists of food industry experts who are committed to providing our clients with relevant e-learning courses designed specifically for your facility. We help our customers connect employees to their policies and procedures within the Safe Food Resources platform. Our strength in partnership is derived from our mutual dedication to building your culture of safety excellence.

We’re Looking For Expertise Too

Do you have a love of learning? For yourself? For Others? Have you worked in the food industry? If so, you may be just what we are looking for. If you like what you see and want to contribute to a winning team, hit us up. Drop us a line. Send an email. Call us. What ever you are comfortable with. If we like what we see, we’ll have a conversation and maybe a spot for you.